The objective was to create digital cluster designs that were easy to navigate and easy to read. This design was inspired by the EV Hummer and the Ford F-150.
The process: All designs start out as Low-Fi sketches to establish solution and layout, then they are converted into Hi-Fi vector illustrations. The illustrations along with any 3D animation from Cinema 4D is imported into Adobe After Effects where its composited and animated.
Welcome Screen that shows the logged in driver
The main speed cluster with driver information
Main menu options that give quick access to the driver information and car settings.
Concept of what the navigation would look like.
The vehicle was created and rendered inside Cinema 4D and these layers alone with the environment were composed with the UI in After effects.
The Final UI boot-up animation in After Effects
Below are the concept sketches I started out with to figure out the design layout that works best as well as plan out the order of screens to design and their connection with one another.
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